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About Robin

Robin Treadway was an author who lived in Phoenix, Arizona. She had written on and off throughout her life, though it was only after retiring through illness from a career in nursing that she began to do so more seriously. Robin had a number of independent projects on the go when she was so untimely taken, Jayne, a story based on her life as a hospice nurse, Counting Stars, a teenage road-trip saga set in the 1970s, and The Girl, an historical tale about the Arizona Gold Rush of the 1880s. However, it was with myself, Robin Keen, her British partner of almost 20 years, that she dedicated most of her time, working together on TG (Working Title: The Second Gospel of Peter). Based on real events that we shared as a couple back in 2003-2004, it was only through Robin’s endless encouragement that work on the book began, and the story finally told. I am bound to finish the work, helped by the invaluable creative input and groundwork she so lovingly and faithfully contributed. But Robin will be by my side in spirit, guiding my every word, in the completion of what she often referred to as “Our Love-Child”.

Robin and I were to marry later this year (2020), until the Pandemic interrupted our plans, and complications from a routine medical procedure robbed us of her precious and gifted self. We had intended to honeymoon in Paris, sealing our holy union with a night-time kiss beneath the lights of the Eiffel Tower.

Robin still had so much more life to live, so many more dreams to fulfill. From sharing coffee and croissants at a sidewalk cafe in Paris to us driving through our beloved canyon at night with our little star above, from us skinny-dipping in her favorite Roosevelt Lake to simply sitting out together on the porch of our little ranch-house growing old together. These were the things she talked of, each and every day.

Robin Keen – The Two Robins

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Robin’s favorite flowers were Red Roses and Sunflowers

If you knew Robin, either as Family, a Friend or through her Nursing career, and would like to add your own thoughts, they would truly be appreciated.


Between the ages of 13 and 16 I think are the hardest at least in a girl’s life, probably a boys too. I was lucky enough to have a friend during those years that everyone should have. Robin was confident, a Christian, beautiful, and she didn’t even know she was beautiful. She was never judgmental and always a friend. We tried to keep each other happy and laughing all the time and we didn’t try to get caught up in all the middle school drama. I guess you could say we were free spirits and I will forever miss my friend.

Robin was the kind of friend that everyone should have at that age. We discussed life, the problems of the world and what we would like to do about it but we were still playful enough that we played dodgeball freeze tag, and we didn’t want to grow up too fast. I think that’s what’s wrong with this world today is our young people want to grow up too fast. My mom loved her as did all my family and the one thing my mom told her I guess that stuck with her all these years was that you can’t have a pantry without some kind of noodles, tomato sauce and all important Parmesan cheese.

Robin, until we meet again, you’ll always be in my heart.

Love you Cathy

(Cathy Colter – Globe, Arizona)


Robin’s Favorite Things

Robin’s All-Time Favorite Movie

Robin loved The Ghost and Mrs Muir from the very first time she saw it as a child, and it stayed with her throughout her lifetime.

Robin’s favorite “Our Song”

Robin had a long list of “Our Songs” over the years, though Faith Hill’s If I Should Fall Behind probably tops the list. It was released on November 9, 1999, shortly after Robin and I first met.

Another of Robin’s favorite “Our Songs”

Lara Fabian’s You’re Not From Here. The self-titled album from which the song came was also released in 1999.




If you can tell stories, create characters, devise incidents, and have sincerity and passion, it doesn’t matter a damn how you write.

– W. Somerset Maugham